The Mitchell Movie Awards

I've decided to add a page that has my picks for the movies that I saw in a given year.  These awards are based on the movies that I saw in the theaters during the calendar year.  Let's see how this goes.

2020 Awards 

The Covid Year - No Awards


2019 Awards

Best Picture:  Apollo 11

Best Actor:  Matt Damon  (performance in Ford v Ferrari)

Best Actress:  Charlize Theron (performance in Longshot)

Best Director:  James Mangold (direction in Ford v Ferrari)

Best Screenplay:  The Avengers: Endgame


2018 Awards

Best Picture:  BlackKKlansman

Best Actor:  John David Washington  (performance in BlackKKlansman)

Best Actress:  Michelle Williams (performance in All the Money in the World)

Best Director:  Spike Lee (direction in BlackKKlansman)

Best Screenplay:  The Incredibles 2


2017 Awards

Best Picture:  The Big Sick

Best Actor:  Michael Keaton  (performance in The Founder)

Best Actress:  Francis McDormand (performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Best Director:  Andy Muschietti (direction in It)

Best Screenplay:  Logan


2016 Awards

Best Picture:  Deadpool

Best Actor:  Ryan Reynolds  (performance in Deadpool)

Best Actress:  Daisy Ridley (performance in Episode VII: The Force Awakens)

Best Director:  David MacKenzie (direction in Hell or High Water)

Best Screenplay:  Hell or High Water


2015 Awards

Best Picture:  The Martian

Best Actor:  Michael B. Jordan  (performance in Creed)

Best Actress:  Amy Adams (performance in Big Eyes)

Best Director:  Ridley Scott (direction in The Martian)

Best Screenplay:  Ex Machina


2014 Awards

Best Picture:  Birdman

Best Actor:  Michael Keaton  (performance in Birdman)

Best Actress:  Patricia Arquette (performance in Boyhood)

Best Director:  Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (direction in Birdman)

Best Screenplay:  Wish I Was Here


2013 Awards

Best Picture:  Rush

Best Actor:  Matthew McConaughey  (performance in Mud)

Best Actress:  Julie Delpy (performance in Before Midnight)

Best Director:  Ron Howard (direction in Rush)

Best Screenplay:  Kings of Summer


2012 Awards

Best Picture:  Moonrise Kingdom

Best Actor:   Ben Affleck (performance in Argo)

Best Actress:   Frances McDormand (performance in Moonrise Kingdom)

Best Director:  Ben Affleck (direction in Argo)

Best Screenplay:  Bernie


2011 Awards

Best Picture:  The King's Speech

Best Actor:   Colin Firth (performance in The King's Speech)

Best Actress:   Helena Bonham Carter (performance in The King's Speech)

Best Director:  Tom Hooper (direction in The King's Speech)

Best Screenplay:  Midnight in Paris


2010 Awards

Best Picture:  Inception

Best Actor:   Leonardo DiCaprio (performance in Shutter Island)

Best Actress:   Maggie Gyllenhaal (performance in Crazyheart)

Best Director:  Christopher Nolan (direction in Inception)

Best Screenplay:  The Town


2009 Awards

Best Picture:  Gran Turino

Best Actor:  Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler)

Best Actress:  Rachel Weisz (The Brothers Bloom)

Best Director:  Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler)

Best Screenplay:  Slumdog Millionaire


2008 Awards

Best Picture:  The Dark Knight

Best Actor:  Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood)

Best Actress:  Ellen Page (Juno)

Best Director:  Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood)

Best Screenplay:  Son of Rambow


2007 Awards

Best Picture:  No Country for Old Men

Best Actor:  Will Smith (I Am Legend)

Best Actress:  Angelina Jolie (The Good Shepherd)

Best Director:  Ethan and Joel Coen (No Country for Old Men)

Best Screenplay:  Lars and the Real Girl


2006 Awards

Best Picture:  The Departed

Best Actor:  Aaron Eckhardt (performance in Thank You for Smoking)

Best Actress:  Emily Watson (performance in The Proposition)

Best Director:  Martin Scorsese (direction for The Departed)

Best Screenplay:  Thank You for Smoking


2005 Awards

Best Picture:  Million Dollar Baby

Best Actor:  Paul Giamatti (performance in Sideways)

Best Actress:  Hilary Swank (performance in Million Dollar Baby)

Best Director:  Clint Eastwood (direction for Million Dollar Baby)

Best Screenplay:  Crash


2004 Awards

Best Picture:  Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind

Best Actor:  William H. Macy (performance in The Cooler)

Best Actress:  Naomi Watts (performance in 21 Grams)

Best Director:  Yimou Zhang (direction for Hero)

Best Screenplay:  Garden State