San Francisco '09


Wine Tasting


Alpha Omega Vineyard




Bell Vineyard






Cakebread Winery


Cakebread Winery


Touring the Winery


Barrels of Wine




The group over the hills of by the bay


Driving over the Golden Gate in the Clouds


San Francisco


Funny...smiling on the way to prison


The Rock


Welcome to Alcatraz


Signs at Alcatraz


Don't help the prisoners


Rule 1


The Guards Tower


The Water Tower


Inside Alcatraz


The Cells


Escape from Alcatraz


Yeah...Recess Area


Hanging out in the Courtyard


The Water Tower over the Courtyard


Lighthouse on Alcatraz



San Francisco


AT&T Park


Inside the Ballpark






At the Giants vs. Astros Game


Time for a night out


I hate when that happens...stupid pidgeons


And I brought my missile all the way from Houston to throw off the bridge...sigh


Good to know that jumping off the bridge is fatal


Hanging out at Fisherman's Wharf


Trolley Ride


Lombard Street


Golden Gate


Golden Gate


Hanging out on Golden Gate Bridge