Rome '13



View from Coliseum


A bath


Goblet in the Vatican


A Dali painting in the Vatican


Archway in the Vatican


Hallway in the Vatican


Mini Pope Statue


Vatican Statue


Vatican Statue


Vatican Statue


Vatican Statue


Last one


And here's a hallway of statues


St. Peter's


All roads lead to Rome


Cave fountain


Inside the Coliseum




Another pic


From the ground


And another


Archway in the Coliseum


The tunnels under the Coliseum


And again


Between the seats


Entrance into the Coliseum


The Outside


From afar


The Palantine Courtyard


Roman Forum


The Forum


And it continues


A little more


Yep...the Forum




Mega Arches in the Forum


Walking through the Forum


A temple


The Pantheon


Inside the Pantheon


The dome




Piazza Navona


Fountain at Piazza Navona


Piazza Navona


Roman Forum


More ruins


A shot of the Forum form above


A view from the Vatican


Some ruins


Inside the Forum


The Spanish Steps


Quite a crowd


Temple of Castor & Pullox


Temple of Saturn


Lone tree




Trees in the Forum


Trevi Fountain


From the front




Inside courtyard


Another Vatican Courtyard


Courtyard Archway


Vatican steps


Wildflowers in the Forum