Oktoberfest Trip '17

Welcome to Oktoberfest


Selfie in our outfits


Going casual


Group at Hofbrau


Alicia at LowenBrau Tent


Group at the Hofbrau Tent


Erin and Lori


Hanging out inside the tent


Drinking our steins


Outside the tent




A View of the fair grounds


Inside the Fun House


Awesome shot while on a moving ride




View from bridge


Neuschweinstein Castle


A view up to the Castle


Most of the group on the bridge


On the bridge


Long day


Oompa band at Hofbrau House


Englishcer Garten


Englishcer Garten


Englishcer Garten


Us in Englishcer Garten


Oktoberfest at night


Going into the tent


Beer and pretzel in the park


The valley of Fussen