Oktoberfest '07


Munich Pictures

Welcome to Oktoberfest


The adventure begins...


Bringing in the beer


The Hofbrau Tent


The Paluaner Tent


Beer girl bringing in the beers




Drinking at our table in the Paulener Tent


Drinking at our table in the Paulener Tent


Drunk Germans dancing on the tables


Max Joseph Platz


Brad at Residenztheater


Me at Residenztheater


Bayerische Staatskanzlei (Bavarian State Chancellory)


Old Roman Aquaduct


English Gardens


Me at English Gardens


Brad at English Gardens


Monopteros - Englischer Garten


Cinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) - Englischer Garten




Some Church


Isar River


Brad at the Isar River


The Art Pic of the Trip Entitled:  "Young Man Kicks Leaves"


Olympia Park


Olympia Park


Olympia Park


Siegestor (Victory Gate)


Schloss Nymphenburg (Nymphenburg Palace)


Fountain at Schloss Nymphenburg


Pretzel Girl at Hofbrauhaus


Vienna Pictures

Museum of Fine Arts


Museum of Fine Arts


Viennese Statue outside Museum of Fine Arts


Archway to Hofburg


The Imperial Palace


The Imperial Palace


The Imperial Palace




Archway at Imperial Palace


Brad exiting the WC


Archway at the Hofburg


Allegedly the nail that crucified JC.


Grounds outside the Imperial Palace (Heldenplatz)


City Center


Plague Column




View from atop Stephandsdom


Rathaus (City Hall)




Palace Schoenbrunn


Garden at Palace Schoenbrunn


Brad as a Guard?  Scary.


Gardens of Palace Schoenbrunn


Brad atop the maze


The Fountain Neptun-Brunnen




Hook 'Em


In search of wildlife surrounding Palace Schoenbrunn...found very eager squirrels.


Fake Roman Ruins Fountain at Palace Schoenbrunn


Fake Egyptian Fountain at Palace Schoenbrunn


Trees at Palace Schoenbrunn


Fountains at Palace Schoenbrunn


Trees at Palace Schoenbrunn




Me outside Parliament




Brad and his new car?...doubtful.  After this picture was taken, he was yelled at

for being to close to the car.


Night out in Vienna


Fountain at the Opera House


The Opera House


Belvedere Palace


Me at Belvedere Palace


Fountain in Vienna


Random Vienna Building


Church of St. Charles


Votive Church


Ready to go out


Hundertwasser Haus


Bratislava Pictures

Hotel street view


Arrived in Bratislava


Michael Tower in the distance


View of Michael Tower


A beer in Bratislava


Bratislavan Street


St. Martin Cathedral


Bratislavan Street


Flying Saucer above Novy Bridge


Bratislava Castle


Entrance to Bratislava Castle


Bratislava Castle


Below Bratislava Castle


Anybody seen the movie The Ring...looks just like that well doesn't it?  "7 Days"


Walking down the alley


The Watcher Statue


Schoener Naci Statue


The Frenchman Statue


Photographer Statue


Brad next to the Manhole Statue


Me next to the Statue


Bratislavan Street


The Opera House


The Main Square


The Main Square


A stroll in the city


Out for drinks in Bratislava


Last night in Bratislava