Norway '07

Oslo - Karl Johans Gate


The Royal Palace




Frogner Park Gate


Frogner Park




The Parliament Building


Viking Ship


Flower Flame


I'm holding a "W" next to an anchor...figure out what I'm laughing at...hehehe.  Well, apparently some are not getting it so it's "w + anchor = wanker".  I guess I lived in London for too long and forget that some might not get that.  I thought it was funny.








Arctic Cathedral


Some signs are so true


Watch out for the goat's left hook


Frozen Fjord


Sunset Fjord


Ra II (boat made of reeds used to cross Atlantic Ocean)


Kon Tiki (boat used to cross from South America to Polynesia


Idol replica of Easter Island


Fram (boat used to first get to South Pole)


Aboard the Fram (lousy seagull in the shot)


Oslo Fjord


Holmenkollen Ski Jump


Tryvan Ski Slope in the Summer


Archway in Oslo Fort


Random Fountain Art


Paper Airplane Thrower at Oslo Airport


Scuba Divers (?)