Moscow/Hamburg '09


Moscow Pictures

Red Square (State History Museum in background)


Red Square (St. Basil's in the background)


Dostoyevsky and Moscow Library


Trinity Tower


Changing of the Guards at the Eternal Flame


Saviour Tower


State History Museum


Saviour Tower


State History Museum


St. Basil's Cathedral


Me at Red Square


St. Basil's Cathedral


Lenin's Mausoleum


Me in front of Lenin's Mausoleum


Simpson in front of State History Museum


Celebrating the 1941 March through Red Square straight to the frontlines


Russian vodka with my new Russian friends


Successfully rolled sushi


Rolling sushi


Simpson eating the sushi


The Russians dress me up in Russian army gear


The helmet reads, "Don't worry!  We will break through!"


I'm out in the snow.  Notice the scarf given to me by my new Russian friends.


Simpson in the snow


"Nice" Soviet buildings


Moscow Snow


Moscow Subway Station


State History Museum at night


Night shot of the Corner Arsenal Tower


The GUM at night (department store on Red Square)


St. Basil's Cathedral at night


St. Basil's Cathedral


Red Square at night


Red Square


Red Square


Red Square


Moscow River at night


Moscow building at night


Me in front of some random sculpture


Moscow River


Peter the Great Statue


A revisit to the Oktoberfest Art Pic - "Young Man Kicks Leaves"


Alexander Pushkin


Albert Einstein - Don't know why he's here.


Sculpture Garden - Lenin and Stalin Statues


My statue friend and I cloud watching


Simpson's new friend


Simpson and his buddies imitating Dr. Evil


Monument to those who suffered at the Gulag


Me and Kalinin


Entrance to Gorky Park


Night Shot outside Kremlin


Senate Building


Senate Building


The Patriarch's Palace


Annunciation Cathedral


Archangel Cathedral


Assumption Cathedral


Ivan the Great Bell Tower


Inside the Kremlin


Tsar Cannon - Largest cannon in the world and it was never fired. 

Too bad this jerk wouldn't get out of the picture.  He stood there for 20 minutes.


Tsar bell - Largest bell in the world and yet it was never rung


Rebuilt Cathedral


Moscow Building


Another Building


And again


And a nice Soviet building in the background


Moscow River


Kremlin over the Moscow River


Lovely Soviet living


Buildings along the river


Soviet buildings near the least it's near the river too



Rostov-Veliky Pictrues

Rostov-Veliky Building


Rostov-Veliky Kremlin


Rostov-Veliky Kremlin


Inside Rostov-Veliky Kremlin


Inside Rostov-Veliky Kremlin


Me at Rostov-Veliky


Rostov-Veliky Kremlin


Archway inside Rostov-Veliky Kremlin


Simpson at Rostov-Veliky


Well inside Rostov-Veliky Kremlin


Inside Rostov-Veliky Kremlin


Rostov-Veliky Church



Yaroslavl Pictures

Yaroslavl the Wise


Lenin statues still prevalent


Inside Yaroslavl Kremlin


Yaroslavl Building


Yaroslavl Church


Yaroslavl Church


Simpson enjoying his old tyme cartoons


Touching the monkey


Yaroslavl Park


Yaroslavl Park



Hamburg Pictures



The Square




Hamburg Rathaus


A hamburger in Hamburg.  Notice no bun.  It's more like a poor man's steak.


Suiting up...for the race, not for mugging or ninja skills


Lining up for the race


Race stoppage - Notice the #12 car on right is in first.  Guess who's driving #12?


Church Steeple


Statue mimic


Hmm...don't think I want to eat anywhere that has the word "dung" in the name.