Kuala Lumpur '12


Welcome to Kuala Lumpur...feed a monkey


The Petronas Towers


At the Petronas Towers


In front of the Petronas Towers


Petronas Towers upclose


The entrance to Batu Caves


Cliffs surrounding the caves




Indian God at Batu Caves






Eric and I at Batu Caves


Inside Batu Caves


Batu Caves


Batu Caves


Feeding monkeys




Monkeys everywhere


Monkeys in the trees




Largest Pewter Mug in the World


At the Pewter factory


Out to dinner


They do have beer in Malaysia


At the Sky Bar (towers in the background)


Night shot of the Towers


Petronas Towers height


On the 42nd floor


Up on the sky bridge


View from Petronas Towers


Panoramic View from Sky Bridge


Panoramic View from Sky Bridge


One Tower from the 86th floor


On the 86th floor


Random Temple


View of King's Palace from apartment


View of downtown from apartment



House of Fish Head...classy


How do you spell Taxi or is it Teksi?


I was tempted. Good thing this sign was on the "teksi".