Italy Trip '17

Colesseum Panoramic


Flowers at the Forum


The Roman Forum


Castel Sant'Angelo


The Roman streets at night


Rome in yellow


The Roman streets


Trevi Fountain at night


Picture effects


Pantheon at night


The yellow streets of Rome


Florence Duomo


Same shot at night


Atop of Florence


Michelangelo's David


Upclose shot


Posing like David


Alicia in yellow


Florence bronze sculpture


Church candles




Florence Alley


Boticelli's "The Birth of Venus"


Florence lamps


Florence streets at night


Night shot

Ponte Vecchio at night


The streets of Florence


Ponte Vecchio from afar


Us above the city of Florence


Florence Panoramic


Olive trees at vineyard


Trees at the vineyard




Barrels at vineyard must be Italian


Wine time


Tuscan vineyard


Tuscan vineyeard


San Gimignano


Gelato World Champion


Definitely had to try it


San Gimignano park


Olive trees


Tuscany panoramic


San Gigmignano square


San Gimignano's towers


San Gimignano


The towers


Exiting the park


Us at Tuscany


Atop of San Gimignano


Astroglobe at Galileo Museum


Not just any bimbo, but the "Ideal" bimbo (?)


Panoramic of Pisa's still leaning.


San Marco square


I guess today was blue shirt day.


Lunch time in Venice


Aboard our gondola ride (in Venice, not Vegas)


In Venice at night


San Marco square at night


Inside San Marcos Cathedral


Rialto Bridge


Venice Cathedral


The Grand Canal


Church in Venice


Venice watch tower


Venice at night



The Grand Canal


Gondola in the "streets"


Bridge of Sighs




Gondola view


Riding the gondola along the canals


Lunch break


Gondolas lined up at night


Someone just watched La La Land


Venice streets


Venice Streets


Venice Streets


More canals


Ok...that's enough canals