Istanbul Trip '12

Aya Sofya


Aya Sofya


Inside Aya Sofya


The Mihrab in Aya Sofya


Inside Aya Sofya


Aya Sofya dome


Hallway in Aya Sofya


The chandeliers in Aya Sofya


Archway in Aya Sofya courtyard


Building in Aya Sofya courtyard


Mosaic inside Aya Sofya


Entrance to Aya Sofya


On the floor in Aya Sofya


Archway in Aya Sofya


Upstairs in Aya Sofya


Me at Aya Sofya


Shot of a minaret


Basilica Cistern


Another shot with more lighting


Me in the Cistern


Neil in the Cistern


Medusa head used for column support


Blue Mosque


Blue Mosque Arches


Blue Mosque Minaret


Inside archway of Blue Mosque


Blue Mosque Courtyard


Blue Mosque


Inside the Blue Mosque


Blue Mosque at night




Kaiser Wilhelm Fountain


Fountain of Sultan Ahmet III


Topkapi Palace Outer Wall


Topkapi Palace Inner Wall


Palace Archway


Palace Wall


Iftariye Baldachin


Palace Fountain


Palace Kiosk


Palace pool


Palace pool


Palace tower




Hollowed tree


Old tree


Bunch of live trees in courtyard


Palace room


New Mosque




Rustem Pasa Mosque


Grand Bazaar Entrance


Grand Bazaar


Grand Bazaar


Entrance to spice market


Colorful spices


Turkish delights


Galata Tower


Street in Istanbul


The Bosphorus


Candy Store


Sheep head for dinner anyone?


Mosque in Asian Istanbul


Building in Asian Istanbul


Lighthouse on Asia Istanbul side (used in James Bond movie)


Turkish Bath from 1583


Turkish Bath Entrance


Fish restaurant