Hong Kong Trip '16


Welcome to Hong Kong


Street shot


View from above...nice smog


The back of the island


Panoramic of the city


Old school cable car


Hong Kong at night


Night shot


The streets at night


Walking to the night markets


Night streets


Food at the night markets


Temple of 10,000 Buddhas


Countryside Buddhas


Buddha Temple


Golden Buddhas


Buddha and me


Alicia chilling with Buddhas


Awesome pose


Ha...fake monks




Just the blue sky


Buddhist Temple


Wall shot of the Buddhist Temple


Inside the Buddhist Temple


Just the green stuff


Inside in red


And now just the red


Bruce Lee and me


Or do you prefer a metal statue?


Outside of the nunnery


Inside of the nunnery


Panoramic nunnery


Nunnery amongst the city




More park


A mill


And just in case you wanted to see it in black and white


Waterfall over the park restaurant


Hong Kong Aberdeen Harbor


Jumbo Sign




Jumbo Floating Restaurant


Inside the Jumbo Restaurant




Largest Buddha in the World


Crew at the World's Largest Buddha


Closer shot


Shot of us




Arch otherside


Monastery from afar


Shot from above


Monastery in the background


Alicia at the monastery


Up close monastery


Check out the colors


Monastery tree


Jet Boat to Macau

Macau Casino


Macau Casino


Macau Casino


Macau Casino Lisboa


Macau Casino Grand Lisboa


The Lion at MGM


Golden tree at the casino


Pic of us at tree


Floating jellyfish


Welcome to Hong Kong Disney


Hong Kong Disney Castle


Posing like the locals


Mickey in the flowers




Goofy and Pluto


Mainstreet USA?


Mickey Surfin' the Whale


Alicia Parachuting


Leaving Disney


Leaving Disney


Cheers to Hong Kong