Hawaii Trip '17


Kauai Beach


Going for a ride


Helicopter views


Helicopter views


Helicopter views


The dry side of the island


Greener side of the island


View from helicopter


Jurassic Park Waterfall


Waterfall from the clouds


Close up waterfall on hike


More waterfalls


View from our hike


Going for a hike


Views from our hike


The "amazing" waterfall at the end of our hike


The "Grand Canyon" of Kauai


Hotel view


Waterfall by Fern Grotto


Alicia amongst the bamboo




Lighthouse on Kauai


Ocean view


Shaved Ice


Hula dancing


Palm trees




Sunset through the Palms


At the luau



A view inside Diamondhead crater


View of Honolulu


A hike up to Diamondhead


View from Diamondhead