Cinque Terre '18

Monterosso Square


The beach at Monterosso


Alicia chilling on the bridge


Monterosso from a distance


Vernazza from a distance


Better view of Vernazza


Train through the mountain


On the water at Vernazza


Riomaggiore harbor


At Riomaggiore harbor


Riomaggiore harbor


Us at Riomaggiore harbor


Alley in Riomaggiore


View from atop Riomaggiore


Back of the valley in Riomaggiore


Enjoying the life on the streets




The waters below Manarola


Harbor of Manarola


View of Manarola


Far distant view of Manarola


Archway in Corniglia


Atop Corniglia


Hiking between towns


Distant view of Corniglia


Returning back to Monterosso


The Duomo in Milan


Going to dinner in Milan


The waterway in Milan


Milan sculpture