Budapest Trip '12





Cathedral at night




The tunnels in the Labyrinth


In the caves with the lantern (flash needed for this pic)


Dracula's imprisonment


Is that Dracula?


Drakula plaque


In the cage in the Labyrinth


Trapped in the cage


Sitting on the throne in the Labyrinth


Simpson on the throne


Old Soviet car


Me at Fisherman's Bastion


Jon made it to Budapest


Fisherman's Bastion at night


Daytime Fisherman's Bastion


Matthias Church


Matthias Church


Inside Matthias Church


Similar shot


Me in the guard post


Simpson's shift


National Gallery


National Gallery




Cello at music museum


Piano at music museum


At the piano


Sax at music museum




Chain Bridge at night


I'm chilling at the steps


Simpson's turn


Nighttime steps






Vines growing on wall


Elizabeth Bridge


Simpson firing the cannon


Firing the cannon


Punching out the soldier




Budapest at night


The Chain Bridge over the Danube


House of Terror


Tree lined road


Odd signs in the restroom


Good tip from heavily mustache figure