Banff Trip '04

Atop of the World Peak

Group at Lodge


Walker's Good-to-go



Crosswalk Button (idiot)

Entertainment on the Plain

Group on the streets

Heading Home

Heading Home

Heath in the bar

Far from home

Lake Louise Pic

Lake Louise Pic

Lake Louise Pic

Lake Louise Pic

Lake Louise Pic

Lake Louise Pic

Lake Louise Pic

"Man-a-War" Skiing(?)

"Man-a-War" Skiing(?)

Mitch Chillin'

In the Fog Atop the Mountain

"Pine-s" Skiing

Mitch on Top of the Mountain

Sellout overlooking the view

Mitch Snowboarding

Thick Clouds

Snow Peaks

Lunch at Norquay

Lunch at Norquay

Lunch at Norquay

Norquay Scenary

Group at Norquay

Group at Norquay (with Brian's finger in the picture)

Our scary shuttle that we go in a wreck on the way up

Baker at the bar

Warming by the fire

Group out at dinner

Group waiting to be seated for dinner

A night out shooting pool

Relaxing after a rough day of skiing

Ahhh....Marissa and Robby on Norquay

Heath and Robby in lodge

Atop of Lake Louise

Self Picture on the Mountain


Mitch Airborne

Disturbing....Sellout and the Bear

Mitch and the Waterfall

Just starting the flight home

A nice pint eases the pain

Atop of Sunshine Village

The Guide

The Spoils of War

Too close...

Brian at the bar

Walker Snowboarding...sort of

Ready for a night out

Frozen Waterfall